Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So many tears...

Yesterday I heard about the earthquake in Haiti.  I'm almost embarrassed to say that the only reason I knew about it was because of twitter.  I had no idea that it was in the capital.  I had no idea that hundreds of thousands of people have died and the toll continues to rise. 

My heart has broken for these brothers and sisters of mine.  So many people are now asking "Why God?  Why me?  Why this?  Why now?"  It is my most sincere prayer that they see the mighty and loving God we serve and know that He is so much bigger than this.  Every tear that falls serves a purpose, each and every one.

So I will wait and watch with the rest of the world.  Praying that these people feel the radical and powerful love of God.

Man oh man is it a good night to catch up (over some delicious soup no doubt) with a dear friend that has been gone for too long.

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