Friday, February 3, 2012

Mike, 23, Houston

He's still single ladies!  Posting this again with a few updates.  Hope to find him a match!!!

My good friend, and pastor, Mike is always talking about how much he's ready to settle down.  He just can't seem to meet the right person.  That is why I have decided to enter him in Kelly's Korner: SUYL (with permission of course!)

Mike is 23, working on his masters degree at HBU and a freshman Bible teacher at a private high school.  He is also my pastor.  You might think we're crazy for having such a youngin lead us, but if you hear his sermons, you'll know exactly where his words are coming from.


The first thing I think about when I think of Mike is his HUGE heart for others:

In the summer, Mike serves at Camp Blessing.  Last summer, he spent an entire week with Spencer (pictured).  Spencer is non-verbal autistic, but he and Mike have grown very close over the past few years at camp. 

Mike loves Jesus, his church, as well as hanging out, playing/watching sports and music.  In a lot of ways he is a typical 20 something.  He just happens to have a spiritual maturity that you wouldn't believe.
Leave a comment here or email me if you think you might have a good match for my friend.